How The Society Started


The 16oz Society was started by two guys that were born and bred in the great state of Minnesota.  One comes from the west side of town and the other from across the river.  They both have a knack for design and having a good time.  As one came up with the original idea, it was the other that knew he was onto something.  They had a handful of meetings before coming up with the name for their new endeavor, that would show their love of great beers and fun design, The 16oz Society.  The main thing is to have fun, and enjoy what you do.  So cheers to that mindset. 

You can now find 16oz apparel around town and even within some breweries (Canal Park, Jack Pine, Big Axe, Excelsior and 612Brew).  We are proud member of the Minnesota's Brewers Guild, and can be found at all of their events through the year.  We love talking beer, and meeting new people - and that is why we are always looking for new events throughout the country.  We have been to numerous events in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and trying for Florida. 

If you notice your favorite brewery not on the shirt, please let us know.  We do our best to create our state lists, but we have found there are typically a couple that fly under the radar.  If you are a brewery that would like to collaborate on a design - nothing would make us happier.   We have a working relationship with Rubber Biscuit Screen Printing, who handles all of our printing.

If you happen to see one of us out enjoying a beer, please stop over and say hello.  We don't bite and we like to talk beer.

Guild Affiliations