About our Shirts

How does a brewery make it on the list?

  • They need to be a craft brewery. Macro-brews have their place, but we aim to support local brewers doing their local thing. At some point with larger companies it’s more manufacturing than creating.
  • Same thing with chains like Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch… not bad for what they are, but they aren’t really local.
  • We pick places that have equipment and brew their own beers, contract breweries don't make the list. We don’t have anything against companies that hire out their recipes (or brew for other companies), but we're after local people who are brewing their own beer.
  • They brew beer! So sorry – no mead, wine or cider.
  • For our pint glass shirts, they have to be in the metro area of the city, which we know is a fuzzy concept. To help sort out what to include, we typically use lists of neighboring cities and suburbs that we find on Wikipedia.

There are gray areas in all these criteria, but we do our best to stay consistent. If you know something we don’t about a brewery on one of our shirts, let us know. If it turns out we messed up, we’ll even send you a coupon code for 5 bucks off your next t-shirt purchase from us as a way to say thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow. (You have to be the first to point it out though!)

Hey, you missed a brewery in my area!

Not surprising! We do quite a bit of research to learn about breweries, but it’s a tricky business that changes fast. Craft breweries spring up all the time and it’s tough to keep up! In fact, that’s why we do short runs of our shirts and stick dates on them. We want to keep our shirts as fresh as the beer you love drinking. Let us know if you know something about a brewery that we don’t, and we’ll send you a coupon code for $5 off your next t-shirt… as long as you’re the first one to point it out. (We keep track of upcoming edits on the product description pages.)

Why are some brewery names bigger than others on your pint glass shirts?

Well, because some breweries are bigger than others. It’s far from an exact science, but we try to give a little perspective on our pint glass designs. Yeah, we know it’s not perfect. But we do our best!

How do you pick the fonts for the breweries?

You’ll probably notice that we don’t use the same font or logo from the breweries in your town. That’s because some companies are protective about how their logos get used, and that’s cool. But we want to represent the style and personality of breweries as much as we can, so we choose fonts that we feel match each brewery's vibe.

How about some details on the shirt itself?

  • Our go to short sleeve shirt is typically from Next Level.
  • For some items we do add a sizing chart to the page.
  • Our women's shirts run small! Learn more here.

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